Exploring Inuyama

This morning Yasu and I were wondering what to do, we didn’t really feel like going to Nagoya but we didn’t want to waste the day staying in my shoebox apartment either. We decided to go for a walk through glorious Inuyama. I have lived here for almost 5 months now, and I have seen little more than the route from AEON to my apartment. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting an exciting walk, but it couldn’t hurt to explore a little.

We started in Castle Town and I already felt like we were really in some pretty town a long train ride away from Inuyama. But we were still here, in a neighborhood literally around the corner from AEON. The small streets felt a little like walking through Kyoto, complete with small souvenir shops and beautiful old style Japanese buildings.

On our walk to Inuyama castle we walked past a radio station, which was broadcasting with the doors wide open. Like good tourists (in my own hometown) we waved to the DJ’s and they didn’t only wave back but started telling their listeners about the international visitor walking past and how they were afraid I might strike up a conversation in English (according to my personal translator).

Inuyama castle is the oldest standing castle in Japan (built in 1537 if I recall correctly) and it is cute little castle. You have to take off your shoes before you climb the steep and slippery stairs to the top, which was quite the adventure on its own.

The view from the top is spectacular, but standing on that narrow ledge with the strong wind trying to blow us off the castle was kind of nerve-racking. Yet, I found myself very excited when I could spot the video store down the street from my apartment, all the way across town.

After safely finding our way down again, we headed for the Kiso river, which was a lovely walk (who knows maybe someday I’ll end up one of those people who actually enjoys going for long walks…) and observed a stunning sunset from the riverbanks.

My feet still hurt from the long walk but it was great to finally find out there is more to Inuyama than AEON and my shoebox.

4 thoughts on “Exploring Inuyama

  1. That was really a nice walk. We discovered many things there! And that is so close to where you live :) Maybe we should walk to that place again and see the beautiful scenery. mwah


  2. Heej!!! Je haartjes zijn weer bruin! Gniffel, mooie omgeving maar ik zie alleen je haar……Volgend jaar verwachten we dan ook een flinke tour!XXXXXXX je moemie.


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