Picture time

I have so many photos on my pc, that it is seriously slowed down on every end… So I’ve been trying to organize my endless database in order to make back-ups and get them all off my pc. My (perhaps idle) hope is that it will speed up my pc soon…

Anyway, I found a scanned picture, among the masses, that I wanted to share with you all. It’s a photo of Gyano and me taken by a professional photographer last year. It was a birthday present for our mom, which I had framed at EXPO (where I used to work). It was hard work trying to pose for a picture that looked semi-natural. We spent more than an hour in his studio, and this end-result is this photo, which made our sweet mom very happy! Although, it’s almost a year later now and she still hasn’t put it up yet…


5 thoughts on “Picture time

  1. DUS!!! Maar hij staat wel mooi te wezen op onze slaapkamer, weet je toch. Nu ga ik ‘m niet meer hangen nee… maar krijgt straks in ons nieuw huisje een prominente plek.Fijn gesport?Ik zie je weer gauw online!XXXXXXXXX je moemie.


  2. Mooie moeder heb jij zeg!!!! Bij mij hangt die foto in de hal zodat ik en ieder ander die foto kan bewonderen als ze er langs komen.Goed hè van je tante?!!Kus


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