Soccer mom

I’d had it with my (way too long) hair and craved a haircut, so Yasu and I went to Kobe (a beautiful city near Amagasaki) yesterday, to visit a beautyshop named ‘Earth’. It was a very fancy salon and the people were uberfriendly. You can choose a stylist by their level of experience, and pay accordingly. There were 5 categories so I chose the middle one. He was going to dye my hair somewhat lighter and cut off my long hair into a cute and short hairdo…
Even though they didn’t use bleach, they were able to to make my hair lighter… a lot lighter! It’s now a mix between blond and viking red! Still have to get used to it, I guess. The hairdresser I selected really did his best trying to create what I wanted on my head, but I suppose most of my wishes got lost in translation. After two and a half hours of, he was finished and hopefully asked me what I thought. I already knew that it was much longer than what I tried to make clear earlier, but it looked fine and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. And I thought that at least at that length I can still wear a ponytail to the gym, which is convenient after all.
But after walking around in sweltering Kobe and my unstoppable prespiration, any sense of style dissapeared from my hair and it transformed into exactly the look I did not want! I couldn’t find the words to describe my look until today when Kristin expressed so it so bluntly and honestly correct: I look like a soccer mom! And that is exactly how I feel. And I’m 27, so I’m not ready for the look of a 40-something suburban American woman with a couple school-age children.

Picture stolen from

The hair in the picture is actually quite similar to mine, mine is just a bit longer and a bit more orange. And no I won’t be putting out a picture of myself with the soccer mom hairdo, so don’t ask for it. Tomorrow, at 9:30 in the morning I have another appointment at a beautyshop, this time at ‘Tough’ above AEON in Inuyama. Let’s hope I can get the message across tomorrow without any translator present, because I’m going there with Kristin who doesn’t even the 31 words of Japanese I speak.
P.S. Yasu, the poor guy, did his best in translating my many demands and questions to the stylists, and I so appreciate all of his efforts! xx

One thought on “Soccer mom

  1. Oeps dus!Morgen de tweede kans.Ben heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel benieuwd… maar ik vind het niet echt verkeerd wat je nu hebt hoor!Ik ga het zaterdag ook eens proberen…heb ik ff geluk dat de kapster waar ik naar toe ga geen japans spreekt….;-)))Succes morgen!!XXXXX je moemie.


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