The boyfriend is back in the country

Finally! Last Saturday was the first time I saw Yasu since he left for the States somewhere in July, since then I’ve been home in Europe and I turned another year older. The first thing we did was celebrate my birthday in Kihachi, a very expensive Nagoyan restaurant. It was Yasu’s treat, but still the prices on the menu startled the heck out of me. The food was really pretty and tasty, except for the lamb in the main course which just tasted too strongly for me. But Yasu loved the lamb so he filled his belly with the lamb. And Yasu made sure that the waiters surprised me with something very pretty after dinner:

Sitting on the floor for several months has been driving me crazy and killing my back, and I have been craving a regular height table and chair for a long time. So the next day, Yasu and I went to the hardware store on the other side of the tracks. It’s not far from my apartment but it’s impossible to carry a table and chairs back by myself and I needed his help. But to our (very big) surprise transporting my newly bought furniture back to my apartment was extremely easy, because the store just lends you their mini-truck for free! And there is even a helper to load everything on the truck! After dropping off a table, a chair, a stool, a pillow, and two new matrasses at my apartment we still had the car for another hour before it had to be returned to the store. So we just drove around Inuyama to discover that it is actually much bigger (of course) than those few streets I see every day. But I think we enjoyed unexpectantly having a car at our disposal the most of all, we couldn’t believe a store would provide its customers with such a great service.

On Monday we went to Meiji-Mura, which is a park in Inuyama where they built copies of dozens of historical Japanese buildings from the Meji period. It was fun to walk around and see so much history, including an old-time jail. But it was extremely hot again, so the ride on the air-conditioned bus and open-windowed steam train were the most enjoyable.

Yasu and I also went to the tiny gym to get me a contract, because I hadn’t been succesful in obtaining one without speaking Japanese. But as soon as I started showing him how tiny and truly crappy the gym is, I decided that I didn’t want to pay a small fortune on a monthly basis to be a member of that so-called gym. So Yasu spent several hours online to find a decent and accessible gym somewhere around Inuyama. It was extremely frustating and seemed like mission impossible, so we kind of gave up until he accidentally stumbled upon something in the phonebook. Unfortunately, he found it late at night on his last night here, so we can’t go there together until September 10th. But I’m so happy about this gym discovery, I’ve been looking at the pictures on their website and it reminds me of my own gym in Veldhoven! I can’t wait to go there next week, but first I’m about to enjoy another weekend in the mountains near Osaka, with Yasu, his parents and their lovely cottage.


3 thoughts on “The boyfriend is back in the country

  1. Sounds relaxing, being together again! Enjoy it! Also at the wonderful cottage! Ik geniet van mijn nieuwe plekje, ik voel me er goed, en ben nog steeds aan het uitpakken enzo. Komt ook omdat ik nu al week ziek ben (griep) door oververmoeidheid enzo, was even nodig. Enough about me, I hope the gym-thing will turn out great, it would be wonderful!


  2. Das hendig zon menneke die ff helpt je spullen inladen! ;-)Lekker heej dat je weer ouderwets lekker kunt gaan zitten áán en niet ónder de tafel.Ik ben zeeeeer benieuwd naar maandag als ik je weer zie op de cam… kort, korter, kortst??? XXXXX moemie.


  3. I am so happy that you liked the dinner :) It was a wonderful time wasn’t it? Yes you found the gym where we are going this weekend on the phonebook when I was looking for a phone number of Pizza California. Well, excited about this coming weekend :) mwah


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