The last day of Intensive Training – By Yasu

17th Aug, because I am taking a Wealthy Mind, this is going to be my last day of Intensive Training (of course I came back here for the graduation ceremony on 18th Aug after the first day of Wealthy Mind). Oh I will surely miss people here,,,

Well, this is how the training is given;

By the way who is teaching in the front is Nick. This picture was taken while he was teaching (taken by Dave).

And the last 4 days were taught by Christiane Turner. She is so fun and powerful! She has a website called Quantum NLP.

And the video below is how we manage our state.

By the way a strong British accent near the camera is created by Jayne, my seminar-aunt from York. And I really appreciate Michael and my seminar-aunt from Oregon Kathleen for their beautiful dance. Michael is in a red jacket. Kathleen is in front of him with sunglasses. Everybody, watch this when you want to manage your own state!


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