Sushi with Larry – By Yasu

12th Aug, Larry, one of my seminar-friends took me to a Japanese sushi restaurant called “Naomisushi”. I really like to go out in the evening of the training day because it feels like I spend two days in one day.

Larry has worked in Japan for a couple of years. He has been to Hokkaido, Tokyo or etc. He really likes the way Japanese work. Japanese make promises and pursue goals hard. I do not support all aspects of Japanese work style but what he says totally makes sense and that is what I like about it.

At Naomisushi, they serve really, really great sushi. Oh I loved it!! We had several Nigiris and rolls.

I am figuring out that there is everything in SF. I don’t think you will have difficulty with finding tastes of your country’s here.

Larry treated me to a dinner. When he comes to Japan next time, I am going to treat him a nice food. Well, arigato Larry!


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