Dinner with Dave and LiWen – By Yasu

15th Aug, one of the resource persons in the training, Dave took me to an Italian restaurant that are relatively close to Hilton Garden Inn Burlingame. It is called North Beach Pizza.

After the training, Dave went home to pick up his wife, LiWen and came back to the hotel again to pick me up. We discussed a little in a car then decided to go to North Beach Pizza. Their decision was absolutely correct. A pizza we had was really delicious and we all really enjoyed it.

Dave has been to America for about 9 years and is running a coaching business. Soon he will expand it to Taiwan, America and China. He is from Taiwan. He is an expert of Feng Shui(風水. Recently he started to teach that with NLP in America.

I have seen 2 lectures he gave so far, they are so interesting. I am sure he will be a great trainer soon.

His wife, LiWen is also Taiwanese. She came to study English in SF, then they met. Hmm good story :) She also has studied NLP for years. She will come to a Wealthy Mind Seminar this weekend. I’m joining that as well.

They are interested in coming to Japan. If you come, please let me know. I’ll take you two a nice sushi place. Anyway thank you for a great dinner! 謝謝!

By the way, my favorite player in my home team, Hanshin Tigers is from Taiwan. His name is Lim.


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