Golden Gate Bridge at Night – By Yasu

11th Aug, it is my girlfriend birthday! As it is her lucky day, she gave me a luck too. I got a chance to see The Golden Gate Bridge in the dark even though it was a normal seminar day. Everything started from my seminar-friend, my great friend, Cathy’s offer. Since she lives in SF, she took Inhwa (from Korea), Milt (from Michigan) and me to downtown SF and The Golden Gate Bridge.

Inhwa, Milt, Me, Cathy

Cathy has been to Taiwan and Korea for a while and interested in Asia. We talked often and worked on the exercise together often. Of course she is a great, great coach, and she coached me very well. But what I like more about working with her is to get a chance to listen to her laughing. That is so unique.

Speaking of laughing, I introduce Milt. He used to be in one of the greatest companies in the world and now is a coach. He often makes very useful comments in the training. You have to listen to his laughing.

I should have recorded that!

Then Inhwa, she is a college student from Korea. Her mother is an NLP trainer and has taught her NLP. Inhwa speaks not only English but Japanese. Her Japanese is much better than English , she says. When we talk to each other, we speak in Japanese. I am so amazed at her speaking Japanese so perfectly.

We went to an Italian restaurant and talked about the training, differences of countries, personal histories and such.

After that Cathy took us to the best place to enjoy the GGB in the dark. In the video below, you cannot see it well but in the real eyes, it looked so beautiful. With the sound and smell of waves, we enjoyed the scenery.

Anyway, thank you for taking us there Cathy!

Comment by Cathy: Yasu – You are a Fabulously Fun Japanese Guy (FFJG)! I hope you’ll be able to sleep without thinking about me and Milt laughing. It was a great pleasure getting to know you. I’ll miss you! I’ll miss you! I’ll miss you! But . . . I think I’ll see you (and Lou) before too long. Until then . . . You go! Get it by 30! – Cathy

Reply by Yasu: Cathy – thank you for your comment! Oh how did you know? I have difficulty with sleeping because of SULS (Super Unique Laughing Style) of yours and Milt’s. But that is a surely good feeling. I am enjoying that. hahahahaaaa – Yasu

Comment by Corachoi: 帰国してもう三日過ぎました。ヤスさんは今日本へ帰りましたか。米国での生活が慣れているせいが時間とか暑さとかに今まで苦労してます。ヤスさんはどうですか。ヤスさんのポストを見てあのときが懐かしくなりました。あの夜、本当にみんなたのしかったんです。また会うのを祈ってます。その日までお元気に~~

Reply by Yasu: インフワ、ありがとう!!!それにしても、日本語うまいなあ!感動するわ◎ 時間と気候、、、合わせるのに苦労するなあ。大阪もすごく暑いわ。。。


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