Trish’s house – By Yasu

After the training on 4th August, Trish, one of my seminar-friends took Richard, unthinkably funny Dutch guy and me to her house and downtown of SF. Trish used to live in SF and now she lives in Oregon with her husband. She knows a lot about health and nutrition. “Health” has been always one of the biggest people’s concerns but here in the states, it looks more than that of Japan.

Anyway, Richard , UFDG (unthinkably funny Dutch guy), is funny and pretty smart. He has long experience of NLP and knows a lot about it. And he invest that wisdom into hypnotizing girls.

As soon as we got to Trish’s house, we met her mother Cathy. She was not in good condition then but kindly came to the living room to welcome UFDG and me.

Then we enjoyed a beautiful view of SF from the living room. Here are pictures of it;

After enjoying her living room, we headed for a restaurant area nearby the house. We had dinner at a Mayan restaurant. As soon as a waitress came to take an order, UFDG performed his skill. “What is your name?” I thought “Oh, it starts again!”. But his communication skill is worthwhile to see. He said he learned this habit when he was in Dutch Navy. What a thoughtful navy.

After dinner, we went to Mission district. There are a lot of bars that reminded me of my Emory time. That was already 4 years ago. Why we went to bars? Because UFDG needs to see girls in order to survive.
But he is not the only one who had a good time. Trish and I also, we all had a great time.

Next day, I showed them a movie of “All You Need Is Love”. They really enjoyed it very much, especially Richard did since he knows how popular the show is.

Anyway lastly enjoy a beautiful view of SF from the balcony.


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