Happy birthday to me :)

Today I turned even older than I already was: 27! But all is perfectly well because I am celebrating it at home! This morning, my parents and siblings surprised me with breakfast in bed and presents. My stepbrothers made me a book of drawings, my stepsister bought me a pretty pink pen and chocolate, and my brother Djamo recorded his own version of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer (which my other brother Gyano played for me this morning) and my parents and grandparents are funding a small shopping spree in the Eindhoven citycenter this Monday, and I’m still waiting for Gyano’s present :)…

Myra and Gyano decorated the room with lovely streamers and a scavenger hunt made out of balloons in the living room. Later today, some of my friends and family will join us for a BBQ in the garden. The weather here hasn’t been quite as summery as in Japan (I’m so happy about that) but today it’s very sunny and quite warm, like all my previous birthdays. So it’s BBQ time!


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