Shrimp sex at Shirokiya

So after work on Saturday we went to dinner at Shirokiya with most of the staff of our school. I am not sure what the occasion was but it seemed like fun so I joined the group. We ate a lot of Japanese food and drank lots of Japanese alcohol and laughed a lot! The more we drank, the weirder the conversation got, at one point we were even talking about shrimp sex ;).

Noriko, Mayuka, me and Megan

Megan, the assistant trainer from Honbu, taught most of Kristin’s lessons last week because of Kristin’s back problems. She enjoyed it a lot because she used to be a foreign teacher at Inuyama and this week she got to teach a lot of her old students. Megan left for England yesterday, so this week Kristin will be on her own. But this week we only have to teach for two days, because our Obon vacation starts on Thursday! That’s right, I’m going home this week, yay!

Kristin, Aiko and Moe

The people on my side of the table didn’t really like the above picture because they seem to not like eachother very much. So Mayuka wanted them to try again, and we always listen to our manager of course. So here is take two:

But in this picture they seemed to like eachother way too much so we tried one more time:

They seem to like eachother the appropriate amount in this picture, but they also seem slightly crazy here. But that’s ok, because we are all kind of crazy at our school :).


5 thoughts on “Shrimp sex at Shirokiya

  1. Haha, still under the influence of umeshu while writing this;) (after 2 days haha)?!Erg grappig! Toppie!Tot snel/Hasta pronto/Bis schnell/See you soon!!!Kus


  2. Valt niet mee, garnalensex… hm, de dames mogen elkaar niet zo heel erg? Wat drank allemaal niet kan bewerkstelligen heej! Alleen de kater die dan volgt…ai ai… Nog ffkes…XXX je moemie.


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