Stanford University – By Yasu

Today is the first day off in our summer intensive training so we (me + 2 companions) went to Stanford University, one of the best schools in the States and the world. From the airport, we took a BART train for one stop, then changed the line into Caltrain. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the station nearby Stanford called Palo Alto.

At Palo Alto, shuttle buses are running so you can visit many places by those on the campus. We were planning to join a campus tour so firstly we headed for a visitors’ info which is right in front of Hoover Tower. We knew the tour starts at 11 because one of our seminar friends works there, she told me so , but we were a little late. So we talked to people at the info then planned where to go.

As far as they told me, there are three tours; campus tour on foot at 11 and 15:15. And at 13:00 there is a tour by a cart ($5). One by a cart is popular and the number is limited (I guess 9 was the maximum) so you need to book it beforehand.

We walked around a little bit then went to a bookstore that has more than books. They also sell a lot of kinds of Stanford goods. So we shopped for a while.

After that we had lunch at a cafeteria where you can enjoy the live jazz. It was amazing. I am not sure but in this season they are playing that everyday. How cool is that!

We rested for a while then walked to the main library. Gotta work, you know? So what we need to do there is to check how many and which kind of NLP books they have. But surprisingly there are not so many of them.

Maybe writers do not put “NLP” on its title or ,,, it is just because NLP is not so popular???

Anyway, after disappointing search, we finally went to the top of Hoover Tower. You need to pay $2 to go up, but what I found out is it surely is worth it. You can enjoy a panorama view and cool breeze. We stayed there for a while, talking to students there, or just standing in breeze.

After that, we went to a shopping center by or inside the campus. The shuttle goes there. We went there because one of my companions wanted , so basically I had nothing to do, so I walked around, seeing things there.

We really liked spending time here. We call San Francisco “the Heaven on the Earth”.

Comment by Louana: It truely is the heaven of the earth! Let’s move there!


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