Lousensei going at it

As I arrived at work today, I discovered (with a slight shock) a picture of me teaching outside on a big sandwich board. Right there on the street for everybody to see, luckily the picture is quite tiny so people need to put in some effort to actually see me. Moe, the assistant manager often takes pictures around the school of us teachers going at it, and I thought I’d share some of them with you.
This is me in my second week as a teacher posing for a picture to be posted on the staff page of our school website. On the web site you can actually find more pictures of me and it is frequently updated with new pictures. Although right now, Joanne is still all over the website (and sometimes you can even find Glenn, the guy I replaced) and Kristin is nowhere to be found, but I’m sure Moe will get around to changing that soon.

This is yours truly teaching one of her favorite classes somewhere last week. This is actually the picture that startled me this morning in front of our school in Inuyama.

And this is the entire (new) school staff, right before the party last Saturday. In the back from left to right: Kristin (native teacher), me (crazy), Moe (assistant manager) and Kana (Japanese teacher). In the front from left to right: Noriko (Japanese teacher), Aiko (Japanese teacher), Mayuka (the manager) and Megumi (Japanese kids teacher). They are all great people to work with and I’m glad to teach at this school.

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