Fisherman’s Wharf – By Yasu

After visiting Golden Gate Bridge, we took a bus to Fisherman’s Wharf. It was really cold and windy day, so two of my companions bought a jacket to make themselves warmer. I have been there once, that was last year. There were so many people and many street entertainments. One of them is a black guy hiding in a bush and suddenly comes out saying “Hello!” that was really funny because though he is hidden from one side he is so visible from the other side. So many people are standing the side where they can see him well and waiting for somebody from the other side to be shocked. Another one is here. I thought my younger brother, Hiromasa will like it;

Other than that, we went to Pier 39 where a lot of stores are. We had dinner at restaurant where you can see sea lions.

I took a picture of what I had for dinner.

Yes Clam Chowder,,, this is what you have to have in SF.

Wait, before we came here, what had we done,,,???

We went to see a submarine and took some pictures.

Then walked around in Pier 39;

Well, we thought we just had walked around, but it looks like we did many things there.


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