I’m straight

Kristen, the new teacher, is still observing Jo’s classes, which are now being taught by Megan (one of the trainers at Honbu), but she’s really anxious to start teaching herself. Her first class will be on Thursday and it’s a kids class… good luck Kris!
Last night and tonight, I went out to dinner with her. She’s still quite immobile due to her back problems, so we chose restaurants near her apartment, which I fine because I can just zoom home on my cool orange bike! Yesterday, we talked about almost anything we could think of and tonight she mainly tried to teach me black American slang, which was so much fun! I probably won’t be able to remember most of it tomorrow, but that’s ok because ‘I’m straight’ (I’m cool).

7 thoughts on “I’m straight

  1. Adrik: Of course I know that :)! But that is also true so it works out. But in black American slang it also means I’m cool, which is also true :D.


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