Bye bye Jo

Saturday was Jo’s last day of teaching at AEON Inuyama. Like every Saturday it was a busy day, but it was weird to imagine that it would the last time I would see her running around the school in between classes. I really enjoyed working with her and I hope she tought me enough to survive without her. Jo’s moving out of her apartment today and leaving the country tomorrow.

One last picture with Jo in her classroom

Saturday was also the day we finally got to meet Kristin from Cincinnatti. She was supposed to arrive on Thursday and have three days of crossover with Jo, but she slipped a disk in her back and couldn’t even walk on Wednesday so her arrival was delayed to give her some time to rest. She is doing much better now and Megan (trainer from Honbu who used to teach in Inuyama) will come to Inuyama next week to help Kristin out with her first week of classes.

The new foreign teachers at Inuyama, Kristin and myself

Saturday night was the big farewell/welcome party. A lot of students gathered in the lobby to go to Al Centro with us and enjoy some Italian food and a lot of alcoholic drinks. It was a lot of fun because I already knew a lot of the students and I got to meet a lot of Jo’s students who I had never spoken to before but were really fun people.

Takamasa, Takayuki, Wataru and Kana-sensei

Later in the evening, Wataru was so shocked by something I told him about life in the Netherlands that he knocked over his huge full glass of beer and the beer spilled all over the table right into my lap! So the whole evening I must have smelled the most drunk, without even drinking a sip of beer! He felt very guilty, but I told him not to worry about it: shoganai (shit happens)!

Maiko, me, Minoru, Yama and Takayuki

Maiko and Minoru are actually two of my students. Maiko is a new student and arrived at the school at the same time as I did, so she had no idea I was a new teacher until she found my name on the welcome party poster. I also had no idea she was a new student, because I was meeting new people every hour.

Shirokiya karaoke room

After the party at Al Centro a couple of the students went to karaoke with Jo and me at Shirokiya down the street. We all squeezed into a rather small room (which is normal for Karaoke rooms), ordered some more drinks and more food and started singing. Unfortunately they did not have a book of sung arranged by the English alphabet, like most karaoke rooms do, so Jo and I had a hard time to find some songs to sing. But with the help of our Japanese friends we managed just fine.

A very popular and very crazy English teacher

Of course, I couldn’t resist making some movies of all the singing in the karaoke room:

Everybody singing Yesterday by the Beatles

Wataru and Jo beautifully performing Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On ;)


4 thoughts on “Bye bye Jo

  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun!And I’m from Ohio, just like Kristen!Tell her thanks for representing Ohio in Japan, haha ; )I hope I can too one day : )


  2. I only saw the pictures and videos , it looks like you guys had a really fun! It almost sounds like “Wasn’t Jo just moving lips with no voice?” because Wataru is so laud. But having fun is great :) My personal comment, I want to see you more. Kisses


  3. Minke: I just told him about how people under 20 are allowed and do drink alcohol in The Netherlands.Sade: Ohio sounds cool, I really want to visit Cincinnatti some day and try out some of the slang Kristin has been trying to teach me tonight… but people will probably think I’m nuts when I do ;).Yasu: Jo actually was singing and loudly too, but she was smart enought to keep the mic away from her mouth! Just come home and you’ll be able to see the real me :).


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