Long time no post – By Yasu

Well, it has been awhile. How have you been? Thanks to Minke’s comment and Louana’s wish, I am writing this again. I have been really busy and did not have time to think about this blog. But you know, people need to express yourself and blog can be where you do that.

After the last post, what happened: Louana has come to Japan and we have spent some great weekends together. She is in Inuyama which is 30 minute away from Nagoya. So we used to be like 20-hour distance but now we are 2-hour distance almost. And we used to pay 200,000 yen to see each other but now we pay 10,000 yen to see each other. Time-wise, now it is 10 times better. Money-wise 20 times better. In addition, we both have Softbank cellphones in family pack so basically we can talk for free 24/7. Since both of us are working, we normally talk midnight after work. It is almost the same as it used to be,,, talking on Skype. So let’s not count that. Well, let me calculate,,, 10 * 20 = 200. So according to my stupid and superficial analysis, we are 200 times happier than we used to be. Is that so right Lou-sensei?

Comment by Louana: I like your calculation! I think it’s brilliant! xxxxxxx


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