Immigration, puddle of water, robots and sushi.

Work at AEON is going smoother and quicker these days, haven’t had any lesson preparation sessions until 5 A.M. recently:). Instead I’ve been enjoying my evenings with doing none-work-related-stuff, like watching movies or studying Japanese and it’s great! Saturdaynight, Yasu was back in Inuyama and picked me up from work. He met my coworkers and saw the school, and it was pretty weird and distracting to have him there, but it was fun to show him where I spend most of my time.
Today, we went to Nagoya to get me a re-entry permit at the immigration office. Foreigners living and working in Japan on a visa need to get such a permit if they want to travel abroad and be allowed back into the country afterwards. It’s very important, because if you don’t get one they really won’t let you back in and that effectively ends your job and life in Japan. And as I am very eager to go home for Obon week but not willing to say goodbye to my Japanese life just yet, I needed to get one. I was prepared to do a couple hours of waiting in a stale government’s office, but it turned out to be very quick and we were done in about 20 minutes! The office was stale and sticky though…

After the necessary stuff was done we set out to enjoy a day in Sakae, Nagoya’s shopping district. At first we couldn’t really find something enjoyable to do, so we were prepared to give up and catch a 1800 yen movie in some cinema. But we couldn’t find one because apparently there aren’t any cinemas in Sakae. Finally the nice ladies at the Sakae Station information booth gave us some alternative things to do. We spend a fair amount of time at the roof of the station where they have a big puddle (as Yasu put it) of water with fake whales sprouting water and a nice view of Sakae’s version of the Eiffel Tower. It was very relaxing to hang out there and enjoy the music coming from the station underneath.

We also went to what they called a robot museum, but looked more like a robot shop to me, nonetheless it was still fun to see the different kind of the robots on display there. Of course, they had the famous vacuuming robot and also a big boombox ball for your iPod which will dance and roll around your apartment.

All men have little boys inside of them, and so does Yasu. He really enjoyed playing with these puzzle-like building blocks and afterwards he proudly showed me the face he made. Aren’t little boys cute?!

We also found these cute little guys somewhere in the robotshop, who all peacefully moved their heads from one side to the other. At first the whole sight came across as a little creepy, but after looking at them for a while we decided they were very relaxing to look at… Of course my favorite was the pink one, which apparently brings you luck in love, well I’m pretty lucky in that area already :).

Just before Yasu had to catch his shinkansen back to Osaka, we had dinner at a kaiten sushi (a.k.a. conveyor belt sushi) place! Believe it or not this is the first time since my arrival in Japan that I had sushi (I’ve had some loads of sashimi though)! The sushi was pretty good and not too expensive, but Yasu is still planning to take me to Sushiro, a kaiten sushi in Amagasaki which is supposed to amazing and incredibly cheap. Well, perhaps we’ll try that next week. The coming two weekends I’m going to Osaka to spend some time with Yasu’s friends and family, but most importantly to spend time with him before he departs on his month-long-trip to San Francisco! My favorite city in the States, yes I am slightly jealous! But hey I get to go home for Obon and my birthday, what could be better than that?!

And I have been cooking on a regular basis too! After Yasu introduced me to his version of yakiniku (Korean BBQ) during our weekend in Rurikei, I have been copying it all week. Japanese sesame dressing makes every salad taste awesome and the yakiniku tare (sauce) adds a great taste to any meat or vegetable cooked in my new grilling pan!


3 thoughts on “Immigration, puddle of water, robots and sushi.

  1. It was much quicker than I thought to get your visa thing done.The ladies at Information booth were great. We did not go to < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Osu<> which they introduced me too. I enjoyed spending time at the puddle place and also in front of Starbucks.I learned a lesson; if I come to a city I know nothing about, go to a tourist info booth.mwah


  2. Ghe ghe, het ziet er lekker uit wat je hebt gekookt… ik ben de pasta’s en al dat ander itialiaans spul ff beu, effe weer lekker terug op het ouwerwetse ned voedsel.Fijn te lezen dat het je lekker gaat lieverd,houden zo! En goed zo dat je weer eens wat anders doet snachts dan alleen maar voorbereidingen treffen voor je werk…;-)Nog een paar weekjes meissie… xxx je moemie.


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