De-stressing in Rurikei

I had such an awesome weekend! I took the Shinkansen to Osaka and from there a local train to Amagsaki, the hometown of my lovely boyfriend. He picked me up at the station and drove us straight to his parents’ lovely cottage somewhere in the mountains of Rurikei.

Here you can see my boyfriend waving at me from the deck surrounding the front of the house.

This is the view we got to wake up to two wonderful mornings last weekend, it’s so peaceful and beautiful. It’s certainly very different from the small highway I get to stare at from my apartment in Inuyama. The only noise you can hear in Rurikei is the water streaming through the mountains and some birds in the morning. Imagine that!

This is what relaxed looks like!

The happy couple enjoying a relaxing weekend without any kind of stress or obligations, mmm wonderful! It was such a nice break from my busy life of lesson planning in my tiny apartment or even tinier classroom. On Sunday morning Yasu made us a wondeful breakfast consisting of numerous fresh fruits and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice squeezed by Mr. Kotera himself. What more does a girl want? He totally spoiled me! We spent the rest of the day driving around (it was raining so we couldn’t walk around), watching a movie and relaxing even more at the local spa, where we enjoyed a jacuzzi, back massagers in the form of a waterfall, a herbal bath, a sauna, a steambath, a foot massager, and of course the famous onsens! Lucky for me, these were onsens where you could wear a swimsuit (I am not quite used to the whole naked thing yet) and it was not seperated by gender, so Yasu and I could enjoy it together. It was great sitting in an almost boiling onsen while it was pouring cold rain on our heads, it kind of felt like an old romantic Japanese movie (not that I have seen any, but that is what I imagine such a movie would be like).

Monday morning we went back to Amagaski because Yasu and his father had a business meeting that afternoon. Here they are enjoying a pre-meeting ramen lunch in a tiny restaurant. The ramen was really good and restored my appetite for ramen, after I lost it in Nagoya due to particularly tasteless bowl of ramen, during my training week. While Yasu and his dad were having a very succesful business meeting downtown Osaka, I spent my time searching the streets of Osaka for a stationary store called The Loft. I had been there in 2004, but we didn’t have enought time back then to really do some decent shopping. I finally found it after 45 minutes of walking up and down the same streets again and again, and being unable the understand the Japanese directions of friendly strangers who tried to help a lost foreigner. But I ended up buying basically nothing, as I seem to have lost the art of shopping for stationary ;). After having to sell all my stuff (mostly unused because I considered it too fancy to be used) before my big move to Japan, I just can’t seem to convince myself anymore that I need all kinds of beautiful paper and pens in all colors available. Ow well… another small fortune of yen saved!

After his meeting, my boyfriend the businessman picked me up at The Loft, because I wasn’t sure whether I would find my way back. We enjoyed a nice Caramel Machiato and Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks before we did some windowshopping in Osaka, after which we headed back to Amagasaki.

Yasu’s mother cooked us a lovely Sukiyaki nabe dinner right at the table, which was simply delicious, and it was really nice being able to speak (or rather somehow communicate) with Yasu’s parents, after all the last time I saw them was about 2.5 years ago. After dinner Yasu brought me back to Amagasaki station and we said goodbye for only five days, because on Saturday he will be back in Nagoya!

P.S. My own parents are currently enjoying their 2-week-honeymoon in Rome, Italy! How romantic! I hope they are having the time of their lives!


3 thoughts on “De-stressing in Rurikei

  1. Hey mutske,Fijn dat je het zo leuk hebt gehad in de bergen met Yasu. Ik moet zeggen dat het er ook erg leuk uit ziet daar.Dat heb je mooi voor elkaar, schoonouders met een tweede huis in de bergen!!!hahahaDikke kus


  2. Hmmm, ziet er goed uit daar in Rurikei… wakker worden met de vogeltjes die fluiten… In Rome was het wakker worden met straatgeluiden en een fontein die ergens op een binnenplaats, die van ons dus, stond te klateren!Deze week ga ik aan mijn blog verder dus houd het maar in de gaten!!xxxxx je moemie.


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