My school in Inuyama

So I took it upon myself to make some pictures of the school this week, because I thought some of you might be curious about what it looks like. These are all pictures made with my cell phone and I haven’t figured out yet how to make good pictures with it, but my phone is so much more compact and light than my digital camera and it does the trick.

This is our lobby and yes the fourth picture from the left is me, I really don’t like that picture! I was extremely pissed (with the whole garbage thing) when they took the picture so the smile on that picture is so fake and my face is all red with frustration. But it’s up there now and it’ll stay there until the day I leave this school…

And as you can see, that bad picture is not only on the lobby wall, a mini version of it is on the door to my classroom as well. So this is my classroom and the best thing about it is that is has air conditioning! It’s just wonderful to cool down in my room after leaving the Japanese heat at the door.

Every week one of the foreign teachers teaches a lesson to the Japanese teachers, Honbu called it one of the perks of being a Japanese teacher at AEON. This week it was my turn (next week too) and I made a picture of the teachers (from left to right: Noriko, Megumi & Aiko) while they were filling out a worksheet I made for them. There is one more Japanese teacher at the school, Kana, but she couldn’t make it to class.

These are pictures made in the tiny staff room. Moe (assistant manager) is sitting at the computer and Jo (the other foreign teacher) is using the copier. The copy machine is very old and gives off so much heat that it always feels like a Japanese summer day in there.

I made some other pictures in Inuyama yesterday, like this garage that is so small that the car doesn’t even fit in it completely, I see it everyday and it goes to show that not only the apartments are small in Japan.

And tada they have a Baskin & Robbins right here in Inuyama! When we were on our American road trip last year, we kept trying to get some ice-cream at Baskin & Robbins but we could never find an open store. I didn’t even know they had shops here in Japan, where they call it 31 because they sell 31 different flavors of ice-cream. And the best thing is that you can taste everything before you buy it, too bad I don’t know how to ask for a sample in Japanese.

I bought the new Bon Jovi album last week in Nagoya and I have been enjoying it while planning my numerous lessons. Minke told me that they’ll be touring Japan in January and February, I just hope I get to go to at least one concert, it’ll be weird going to a concert without my Bon Jovi buddies, but it will be interesting to finally experience Bon Jovi in Japan! Perhaps I’ll get lucky and get to see my usual 4 to 5 concerts, but let’s not count on it though, I’m a working lady now.

Right now I’m in the internet café in my street and talking to my parents via msn and skype (they both stop working after a while so we switch). Last week I already spent about three hours talking to my mother and it was great! It felt like I was sitting at home enjoying a cup of tea with my mom, gossiping away, and for a moment I almost forgot I was in Japan. In a few weeks she’ll be leaving on her honeymoon with her husband (my wonderful and crazy step dad) to Rome, naturally she’s very excited about it. I can’t wait to hear their stories and see their pictures. I miss them so much and I really wanted to go home for Obon (a week off in the middle of August) but it seems to be way too expensive to get to a plane ticket in the week that everybody in Japan wants to travel abroad L. My birthday is that week and Yasu’ll be in the States during for some seminar, so it would be awesome to just be home for a couple of days. But the airlines don’t seem to be willing to let me fly to the Netherlands for less than 100,000 yen…
Well, I’m just trying not to think about home to much and it helps to keep busy. Tomorrow, Adrik and Eric (from my training group) are coming to Inuyama, and we’re going to Monkey Park, some kind of rollercoaster park with monkeys (I guess). So, that should be fun!

3 thoughts on “My school in Inuyama

  1. Right now you slept, in fact you have fallen asleep several times on the phone. On the phone you told me to post a comment to just say “I have read your new post”, so I follow your command.I like the orange shirt you are in, that is cute.31, yes we should go there together!! And take many samples before order. “To take a sample (food) ” is “Shishoku”, so you just can tell them that “Shishoku” or you can add “Kudasai” ( = please ) , with pointing your finger to what you want.I’m going to bed too, mwah


  2. Hey poepie, om Yasu maar te volgen, i have read your new post to!!Dus doen wat Yasu zegt, “Shishoku Kudasai”, kun je eindelijk proeven.En zo leer je elke keer wat bij heej!En dat moet ook want als wij volgend jaar komen verwacht ik wel dat je ons in het Japans rond tourt! En dan maar hopen dat wij er iets van gaan begrijpen….;-))Dikke vette kus, je Moemie.


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