Quick update

Sorry guys, I don’t have an internet connection yet and I’m so busy preparing lessons (which I hope to get faster at real soon) but I just wanted to let you know everything is going great here in Inuyama. My apartment is really nice, the school is great and yesterday Yasu and I bought cellphones (of course mine is a hot pink one) and now we can call eachother whenever and wherever we want for free with video! Japanese cellphones rule! Gotta get back to lesson preparing but I promise to update a.s.a.p. with pictures! Hope everybody is doing well!

6 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Heej Lou,Fijn dat de school en je appartement goed bevallen! Ik wens je veel succes met school.Bye byexxxxxxxxxxx-jes Chan


  2. Hello Lou,Whaddup?!:P So, you bought a new phone.. I’m so jealous.. Mine probably isn’t cool..:( I wanna see.. So take a pic and show the world!! Love, your only cool brother!!


  3. Hey poepie!!! Een roze nog wel… had ook niet anders verwacht. Blij te zien dat alles goed met je gaat… heb je leuke leerlingen?Ben zo benieuwd hoe met het je gaat als juf Lou… tot gauw!!!Dikke vette kus, Moemie.


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