It’s over!

Finally, training is over! It was a hard day at training again today with having to fight sleep and preparing another lesson on the spot. Teaching itself was fun and luckily we had friendly, fun and most of all helpful trainers (see pictures) who helped us wherever they could. But I am happy it’s over. Tomorrow morning I hop on a local train to Inuyama to meet my coworkers, work at my school and move into my apartment! I can’t wait to see my apartment and unpack my stuff for real. I hope all the boxes I sent from the Netherlands arrived safely and that I have enough space in my apartment to store it all. I won’t have internet at my apartment for a long time, so my blogging will not be as frequent as it has been during training, but I’ll try to make a stop at the internet cafe as often as I can. Tonight we are going to Sakae (downtown Nagoya I’ve been told) to have some dinner and drinks and relax! Adrik will join us and hopefully have some fun stories about his work at Meiki school, as he has been working for two days already.

6 thoughts on “It’s over!

  1. Cool! Congratulations! And I like those photos(Yeah I can see how helpful they are).It is not so convenient not to have an internet access, so I’ll help you get the access. Sakae, yes downtown. Find a good restaurant so that we can go there together some time. Enjoy, mwah


  2. Cool!! Eerste etappe volbracht!!Sakae, daar ben je nu op dit moment, terwijl ik op mijn dakterrasje dit in de zon aan het tikken ben. Raar idee hihi.I hope you had a nice relaxing evening! Have a good trip to Inuyama! Thinking of you.Minkeeeeeeee


  3. Great echt schattie!Dat heb je zo maar weer geflikt meis! Ben zo benieuwd hoe je nieuwe stekkie straks gaat bevallen.. I still can’t believe dat het zo echt is nu allemaal.. Zou er zoveel voor geven om te mogen ervaren hoe je leventje daar nu draait.. That would be wonderful! Maar daar hebben we de toekomst voor toch! Alle succes met je intrede in your new place!Biggest x


  4. Oeps dat Lou aan het eind moest aan het begin..ben nog steeds aan het inkomen in dit hele systeem..!! But it’s so worthed to stay in touch with your life!! Vette x


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