So today was a pretty active day with all the lessons being taught and all of us pretending to be kids. Which made it much easier for me to actually stay awake and absorb what was going on today. I haven’t been feeling much better today but luckily the scary cramps have dissapeared, now I am just coping with a severe cold and that’s nothing new. It’s just inconvenient when you’re in the middle of a week of intense training. I’ve actually gone slightly deaf, due to a pair of clogged ears, which makes life very peaceful :). And our trainer Angie actually gave us some really good news today: we don’t have to prepare a lesson for tomorrow!! We just have to do a little bit of reading, which should be done quickly and that’s it! This does mean that tomorrow’s lesson won’t be that active though, which means I’ll probably fall asleep a lot again. Although I really want to learn about how to teach kids, because so far it has been much harder than teaching adults… But at least tonight I can just relax a little in my tiny hotel room (see picture) and try to get better. I might watch some Friends or a movie tonight hmmm sounds good!

2 thoughts on “Relax

  1. Heeeey Sweety!Het is echt geweldig om te zien en te lezen hoe het je daar allemaal vergaat.. I’m so really proud of everything you have already accomplished there! Kan trouwens definitief geen aflevering van Friends meer zien without thinking of you!! Take good care schattie & feel better soon!Love x Neg


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