Tough day

Today was the toughest day sofar. I started to feel ill yesterday but I thought it was just the stress of having to read 51 pages. Today it (whatever it is) full on hit my system, my stomach has been cramping up all day, my ears and nose are totally clogged up and my glands are all swollen. I almost cried in class when a couple of huge cramps attacked my stomach while we were singing some silly kids songs in class. I tried a painkiller and gingerale, because that is supposed to calm down an upset stomach. So I’m not feeling that comfortable today. The trainer offered to take me to some clinic this week if things don’t get better… I’m a bit weary of going to a Japanese doctor though, but at least it isn’t a dentist. But I think I’ll just try to wait it out a little. Also I think my jetlag doesn’t seem to want to part with me. Today I actually fell asleep while writing in class a couple of times and I don’t remember anything we covered in class today. We did end the day with an excellent dinner at some restaurant we tried to get into for four times already, but they never had a table for us because our group was always to big. Today Warren and Steve left Nagoya to travel to their schools because they’re not doing kids training, so it was just us kids trainees (Jen, Eric and myself) and Adrik whose apartment is really closeby. I had some Korean kimchidish and Nagoyan chicken and salad, it was delicious! Now let’s get back to some serious lesson planning… Tomorrow we’re teaching two lessons but unfortunately we won’t have any Japanese kids to practice on so we are going to pretend to be a couple of Japanese kids ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Tough day

  1. O jee, is het gelukt om het japanse kind te spelen??? Volgens mij moet dat geen problemen op hebben geleverd… Enneh, als je je zo “K..” blijft voelen lieve sschat, ga naar de dokter. Het(vreemde)eten zal ook een grote rol spelen in combinatie met jetlag en weinig weerstand.Weet je meteen hoe de medische wereld in Japan eruit ziet… waarschijnlijk een hele ervaring op zich!!!Beterschap en veel sterkte!XXX Moem


  2. That won’t be a problem, acting as a kid is one of my favorite things, can I help;)?!Ik hoop dat je je weer een stukje beter voelt vandaag lieve Louana!Deze laatste dagen in Nagoya, spannend hoor!Kusssssssssssss


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