I taught Japanese students!

Or actually a Japanese teacher fluent in English posing as a Japanese student and a Korean guy who lives and works in Japan but really is an AEON student. Our trainers (see picture) had some trouble gathering a big enough group of real AEON students for our practice lessons today. It had something to do with the length and the late hour, so only 3 students were able to show up in time and a fourth one showed up later when I was already done. We needed at least 6 students in order to let everybody teach a full 50 minute lesson, but we improvised and all taught a 35 minute lesson. But it was really fun and I got a lot of great feedback from my trainer and fellow trainees, and most importantly (to me anyway) I enjoyed teaching the class and didn’t feel nervous doing it! Like I said before I was afraid of talking with the speed of a Shinkansen but it didn’t even match the speed of a local JR train, so I’m doing fine! Well, I’ve got to go prepare for another class I’ll teach tomorrow and do a load of reading, so I’ll better get to it! Ow and tomorrow we are going to an otsukare sama (thanks for your hard work) lunch with the cho (chief) of our department, so that’ll be fun! I’ll get to practice some more of my Japanese like itadakimasu (this is said before a meal) and gochi sou sama deshita (thanks for the meal).

3 thoughts on “I taught Japanese students!

  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed teaching :) I am also a fast-speaker, so your JR local speaking sounds great. If you can talk slower than that, you can be Hanshin speed talking ( Hanshin is much slower than JR local , they stop minute by minute in some area ). mwah


  2. Heej Lou,Fijn dat je eerste keer les geven goed gegaan is.Ik had ook niet anders verwacht!xxxxxxxxxxx Chan


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