My first AEON lesson

Today I had to teach my first 50-minute-AEON-lesson :o! It was a practice lesson in front of the trainer Andy and one of my fellow trainees Adrik. They pretended to be my Japanese students and I was teaching (or at least trying to) them a full lesson like I will have to do at Inuyama very soon. I was kind of freaking out right before I had to start (see picture), but I wasn’t alone because all six of us trainees were nervous and scared for the lesson! I had to teach the simple past of irregular verbs and according to the feedback and my trainer I wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought myself. I mostly got positive feedback and loads of great tips on how to improve my lesson for tomorrow when I’ll be teaching actual Japanese students. Let’s hope for the best!

5 thoughts on “My first AEON lesson

  1. It was a fun experience in the end , it seems. Have fun tomorrow, in front of Japanese students :) I may be in there,,, no just kidding. mwah


  2. Ghe ghe, vreemd is dat heej als je “les” moet gaan geven aan zogenaamde leerlingen!Maaruh… voor morgen wens ik je keiveel succes!!!Dikke vette kus…Moem.


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