Training so far…

So after writing my blog on Sunday afternoon I got really tired so I decided to go for a walk and ended up in the Tokyu Hands, a huge department store in Nagoya station. I just browsed about every floor, especially the stationary floor until Yasu came back to Nagoya station after his seminar. We had dinner in a small restaurant underground (lots of stores and restaurants are underground near the trainstations here) and I found out that I really don’t like miso. I had some kind of donburi dish with misosauce which was great when I scraped the misosauce of. Then after dinner we finally went to karaoke! I had been looking forward to karaoke for a very long time, especially because they have so many Bon Jovi songs in the karaoke machines in Japan. We almost exclusively sang Bon Jovi songs for an hour until Yasu had to catch his Shinkansen home. Saying goodbye was so weird: kissing Yasu in the middle of a Nagoyan street (he is still very nervous about kissing in public in Japan, but he’s trying to get over it) and both walk our own way and go ‘home’ without an airport in the neighborhood or a tear on my cheek! I’ll see him again this Sunday :).
Monday was my first day of training in the IMON building across the street from Nagoya trainstation, which is like a 5 minute walk from our hotel. We got a lot of information thrown at us for about 8 hours, but the funniest thing was when the trainer thought us some Japanese phrases (ohayou gozaimasu = goodmorning & osakini shitsurei shimasu = sorry to leave before you) that we have to say to a full office of AEON employees everyday when we arrive and leave, and we need to bow at the end too! We were all very nervous when we had to do it the first time; it’s just weird to stand in the middle of some office filled with unfamiliar faces and kind of yell out something in Japanese and then bow… We also had a Japanese class at the end of the day, which was not so much about teaching us Japanese (although we did learn some stuff) as it was to let us experience how our students will feel during one of our classes. That was a lot of fun!
For lunch we went to a curry place, their dishes look like plates of rice with diarrhea… sounds good? Well it tastes allright but not great, could it have anything to do with the yummy association? For dinner we went to a yakiniku (Korean BBQ) place around the corner, we didn’t really know what was going on and ended up spending about 1000 yen (8 euros) on 6 tiny pieces of beef to cook on the built-in BBQ in the table, they didn’t even serve rice with it! It was extremely expensive, but the taste was great. We were still hungry after that so we made a pitstop at a konbini (convenient store) to get some more food. After that I kept trying to do my reading for today, but that’s not easy when you fall asleep every 5 minutes… so yeah I’m still jetlagged :(.
Today was our second (long and tiring) day of training and we actually got to see and speak to some Japanese students! One of the trainers gave the Japanese people a free lesson so we could observe it, the Japanese people are really funny and cute and I’m sure it’s going to be fun to teach them English. We have to teach our first lesson tomorrow to one of our fellow students and a trainer, and the day after that to actual Japanese AEON students :o! I wonder how that’ll go, I guess that due to nervousness my talking speed will probably match the speed of a Shinkansen… Sometimes I wonder why I chose to go teach when speaking in public makes me so nervous.
It’s hard to stay concentrated during class when you’re so tired all the time, and today during one of my space-out-moments the trainer asked me a question, but all I had picked up was cruise and brainstorming, so I thought we were pretending to be Japanese students brainstorming about things having to do with a cruise, so I said boat. The class (including trainers) bursted out in laughter, because apparently he had asked me to give me an example of what people could see to eachother during a cruise… and going around saying ‘boat’ would be quite unusual. Maybe you had to be there or be seriously jetlagged like we all are, anyway we couldn’t stop laughing. And the rest of the day the other trainees kept saying boat to me :), yeah it’s going to haunt me forever!

3 thoughts on “Training so far…

  1. Hey Meissie,Blij te lezen dat je het goed naar je zin hebt. Ik blijf je volgen hoor.Bye bye liefsxxxxChantal


  2. Goed goed goed!!!!Wow, wat een tractatie, een uur lang Bon Jovi kunnen schreeuwen;)! En nog wel met je vriendje, cool!Heb gisteren nieuwe single gekocht, 3 nummers, met video van Make a Memory!And the boat-thing got me laughing also (bur probably not as long as you did haha), I can imagine how Louana’s reaction is in those kinds of situations;)!Kussssss


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