Bye bye land of Dutchies…

So this is my last day here and as you can imagine I am extremely busy but I really wanted to make one last post here in the land of the Dutchies. But it is going to be a short summary of my last week here with my wonderful family. On Monday it was my stepfather’s 42nd birthday and we (the parents, Gyano and myself) had a delicious dinner at a Japanese restaurant here in Veldhoven. On Tuesday I went to the movies with my sweet mother and stepfather to see ‘The Number 23’, which was very interesting! On Wednesday I had my last steps class at the gym, which was exhausting and awesome! And today we (all 7 of us) had some typical Dutch foods as a farewell dinner: pancakes with cheese or apple, a frikandel speciaal, a kroket and icetea with bubbles.
Besides all that I had another thousand errands to run this week received some personal presents from my family, like my mother’s perfume so I can always smell her near me, a bag that laughs insanely like my stepfather likes to do and sounds just like him and a bag of Dutch licorice for me to enjoy on the plane from my stepsister and a nice turtle keychain from Gyano’s girlfriend Nikkie to wish me a safe home in Japan.
Today the day is finally here, the day that I move to Japan and leave all that I have known for so long behind. I am very excited about going to Japan and extremely sad about leaving and saying goodbye (I have shed hundreds of tears in just 2 days, I must be some kind of champion). I really want to go and I really want to stay… I am weird! I am so nervous. I have felt sick for the last couple of days and am afraid to vomit continously… Nasty details ;p! Bye bye land of the Dutchies I am going to miss everything but I am excited about my new adventure! My next post will be from the other side of the world!


One thought on “Bye bye land of Dutchies…

  1. OMG! I still can’t believe you just left us! I hope you had a great trip with the fabulous Emirates and I wish you all the best during the first few weeks there. Miss you! XX


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