So tomorrow night (or rather tonight as it’s already past midnight) it’s time for my big farewell party! Almost 40 people will cram together in part of this livingroom I am sitting in now and the garden. My stepdad has created some space outside where we can hang out without getting wet in case it rains, but I really hope it stays dry because we are planning to feed everybody with meat from th BBQ. There will be 3 BBQ’s somewhere in the garden for people to take their raw meat and cook it on theirselves, kind of a do-it-yourself-or-starve party ;). I’m still up now because I was making giveaways for the guests at my party (see picture). Everyone will go home with a small bag of Japanese crackers with a card attached to it directing them to this blog and with some further contact details for when I’ll be in Japan. I remember when I spent a semester in the States I got many emails from friends and family asking the same kinds of question about my life abroad, resulting in me having to retell the same stories over and over… To avoid such behavior this time around I wanted to introduce them all to this blog where they’ll be able to find the answers to all of their questions about my life in Japan and maybe more.

2 thoughts on “Giveaways

  1. LOU,I’m gonna miss you so much.I was sitting in the train 1 hour ago and there role a tear over my cheek. That means you have a place in my heart!I will check your fantastic Lou Blog!! Thx for all the good times at EXPO!with love,xxx your jamai(i’m sorry for my terrible english)


  2. Thanks for your sweet comment Jamai! I’m going to miss you very much too and all the fun times we had behind the cash register! Ow and don’t worry about your English, it’s great! Good luck on your exams! xx


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