Tonight it was time for quality time with my slightly crazy stepdad. He loves Japanese food and this seemed like an excellent opportunity to finally try out the only conveyor belt sushi place in Eindhoven. I discovered it once on the top floor of a teppanyaki restaurant, and have wanted to try it ever since. We had lots of interesting sushi and some tempura. My favorite thing on the sushi-go-round was an oyster covered in omelette in a delicious sauce, and I kept dipping my other sushi in the leftover sauce instead of the soy sauce. We had a lot of nice food and talked for hours about everything and anything! And ofcourse this crybaby cried again, but only a tiny bit this time. For weeks, I have been trying to ignore the fact that I am going to miss my family so terribly much after my departure but it’s hard to ignore when your stepdad toasts to having a lot of fun during my last week here. But quickly after tears started to come out I regrouped and focused my mind on just enjoying the umeshu in my glass :). Ow boy, I think I won’t be able to stop crying next week Friday, I am going to miss my family and my home so much! But a new adventure awaits me and of course my sweet boyfriend.

3 thoughts on “Sushi-go-round

  1. Suchi-go-round, I like this naming though sushi does not go as fast as hourses in merry-go-round.We can try SGR many times here.Then after that Umeshu at karaoke maybe?mwah


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