They’re waiting for me…

This is what I found in the mail this week, a beautiful welcome card from the staff at AEON Inuyama. It was a wonderful surprise and I loved all the messages. It also made me feel a bit weird to realize that there are actually people in Japan waiting for me to arrive (except for Yasu of course). Obviously I was aware of that fact already, and I did send them my own introduction letter several weeks ago, but it makes things feel more real, which in turn made me feel kind of surreal. Does it still make sense? It still seems so unimaginable to me that I’ll be leaving my home and country in 3 weeks, I know it’s happening but usually I don’t really feel it… yet.


One thought on “They’re waiting for me…

  1. That is a very lovely message card. Yes it is becoming real. To me, living with you on the same land is very special and feels surreal too :) But it is becoming a reality actually. mwah


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