Today was the day I had dreaded for a couple of weeks: drillday at the dentist! I tried to ignore the fact that I had an appointment as much as I could, but about an hour before we headed for the dentist’s office I got really nervous. I was afraid to eat anything because I really didn’t want to vomit during all the drilling excitement… Once that horrible reclining dental chair was in view I felt my eyes burn with tears again… I’m 26 years old, but at the dentist I feel like I’m 3 years old again.
This time I brought my trusty red iPod with me to try and listen to some music instead of to those horrific drilling sounds. This was my sweet mother’s idea, she thought it might help calm me down and perhaps to not squeeze her hand so hard for a change. Even though I could still hear all the horrendous screeches of the various drills the dentist used, I could also hear the soothing sounds of Jon Bon Jovi’s voice and it did calm me down a bit. I was listening to a concert I had actually been to myself, so I just tried to travel back in time and be there again, for a few seconds it actually worked and I started shaking my head to the rhythm of the music! Oops! I quickly remembered my whereabouts and resorted to wildly and rhythmically tapping my mother’s hand with my thumb.
In the end I survived the 40-minute-drilling-session! I’m not kidding it took this dentist a total of 40 minutes to drill and fill the hole! I am used to a much quicker dentist and the duration of it all and the fact that I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, made me a bit nervous, especially when I heard and felt the drill returning to my mouth several times! But the dentist told me later that she isn’t very quick yet, due to a lack of experience…. glad I found that out after the dental operation!
After all that fun at the dentist I headed toward the city of Eindhoven to meet up with my mother’s sister Chantal. She wanted to buy me some jewelry (I chose a beautiful bracelet) as a late graduation gift and buy me dinner because I’m moving to Japan in 3 weeks. Drinking wine and eating steak isn’t really easy when the right part of your face is totally numb from the anasthetics that had been injected into my cheeks a couple of hours earlier. It was an interesting experience and I eventually chose to drink my wine through a straw and catch some weird looks from my fellow patrons. Dinner was good though and I had a nice evening with my aunt Chantal (see picture).

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