The weekend with my mother

The weekend in Scheveningen with my sweet mother was absolutely awesome! On Saturday morning, we drove to The Hague (which Scheveningen is part of) parked our car in the hotel garage, took a peek at the Northsea and then hopped on a tram to the center of the city to do some serious shopping! I finally bought my first suit to wear as a teacher at AEON, it’s brown and I don’t really like it. In all my years as a business student, I’ve never worn a suit because I absolutely abhor suits, hence my procrastination in buying a Japanese teaching wardrobe. Buying the suit really was a chore, and I still have at least two more to buy! Next week, we’ll check out the German and perhaps Belgian stores. Besides the nasty suit shopping we also did a lot of fun shopping and browsing, and of course we were way too busy to make any pictures until this picture when we were finished and waiting for a tram back to Scheveningen.
Back at our hotel, we checked into the hotel and checked out our room and the hotel facilities; the hotel was really nice! After freshening up we headed towards the beach to find some seaside dinner, and ended up at a place where they had excellent sangria but the wait for our food was very long! While our empty stomachs filled up with sangria during the 45-minute-wait-for-food, Dutch tv crime reporter Peter R. De Vries also sat down for dinner with his family in the same restaurant. When the tipsy fog had already clouded our brains the food finally arrived and it was pretty tasty, but then again anything tastes great when almost drunk and very hungry! After dinner we enjoyed the movie Wild Hogs at the nearby cinema, and the credits very pleasantly surprised me by playing a new Bon Jovi song, Lost Highway, from the upcoming album. Next was a couple of cocktails in the hotel bar before we headed upstairs to almost immediately fall into a deep sleep.
The next morning we woke pretty early and had fun at the breakfast buffet with croissants, jelly and getting some bread stuck in the conveyor toaster and watching it emit black smoke :o. Sunday was reserved for the beach and we were blessed with very sunny almost summery weather. First, we watched several people bungy jump of the pier while my fearless mother was contemplating to go jump bungy (as she put it) herself! She asked me to take pictures if she were to jump, but I told her that by that time her low-blood-pressured-daughter would be laying on the ground due to a fainting fit. Luckily, she decided it would be too risky for her back and we left the proximity of the bungy jumpers and my fear of seeing my mother dangle on some elastic band.
The rest of the day was spent in the hot sun, strolling on the beach and esplanade, and I even did some barefeet-walking in the cold and refreshing sea. We walked for a long time, from the pier all the way to the harbor and back. In the meantime we talked, we stopped to eat some raw herring (one of my favorite typical Dutch snacks), we talked, we stopped to drink some more sangria, we talked, we ate some Ben & Jerry’s, we talked, we sat down to do some ‘monkey-looking’ (looking at loads of people passing by) and we talked some more. By the end of the day, the sun had burned my skin bright red as I forgot to bring sunblock. In the early evening we drove back home, where a beautiful homemade sushi meal was awaiting us. My stepfather had worked hard on preparing the sushi to surprise me! Well, they were delicious and a perfect way to end an awesome weekend with my mother. I am going to miss her very very much when I move to Japan and tried to absorb the feeling of being near her as much as I could. Like I predicted, we talked a lot about everything and anything, and I really loved her company and having her all to myself for two days. Thanks Moem, for a wonderful weekend!

One thought on “The weekend with my mother

  1. What great holidays you spent!! Oh yeah I know Lia is so awesome, I often feel she is my mother already. How you guys look in the first picture is great, I like it. And I also like the third one, made me laugh. mwah


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