Surprising flower

So today the mailman came to deliver this cute flower. On the back was an invitation from my sweet mother to spend this weekend with her in Scheveningen and spend the night in a very fancy hotel! What an awesome surprise! I’ve been trying to arrange some kind of mother-daughter-quality-time before I leave for Japan, but she beat me to it and with a much nicer plan than I could have ever thought of! I’m so excited and I’m really looking forward to spending two whole days alone with my mother. Having her all to myself without any distractions! I predict we will do a lot of talking (we are very good at that) and some walking on the beach, some shopping, some drinking, some eating, some swimming and whatever else we feel like doing. I am going to make many pictures and cherish every moment with her, I’m going to miss her so unbelievably much when I move to Japan…
I’ve have also been trying to arrange for some kind of brother-sister-quality time with Gyano, and suggested going to The Efteling together, which is a big Dutch park with rollercoasters and fairytale rides, which I have loved since I was a small girl. But my sweet mother beat me to that too! She had already bought us two Efteling tickets a while ago (even before I started talking about it) and surprised me with them today. Isn’t she great?!

One thought on “Surprising flower

  1. Yes she surely is incredibly great! She knows you a looooooot :) I guess I’ll have to learn alot about it from her. I also checked the hotel you are staying with her. Looks pretty great. I am sure you both will enjoy what you both are good at (yeah it is “talking”) . And the Eftling, nice park. Lia knew it already, what a magic! As you said, enjoy every minute of those!! mwah


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