38 days left…

Only 38 days left until my plane leaves… The whole going-to-Japan-thing has seemed real to me for quite a while now, and having finished a lot of the preparations I think I grasp the reality of my future life in Japan. But the whole leaving-my-country-and-loved-ones hasn’t really dawned on me yet, but since yesterday I feel that realization has started knocking on my door, slightly. It’s only natural but also scary, so I’m still trying to ignore it as much as I can. I have less than 6 weeks of living with my family left and I want to enjoy them. The coming weeks are packed with appointments, parties and things I want to do at least one more time, and I don’t want to waste that time by being sad about leaving.

4 thoughts on “38 days left…

  1. As an expat you can always go home. But you are already far ahead of those who don’t take the step of living in a foreign country in the first place…Enjoy your last couple of weeks before you begin the adventure of a lifetime…


  2. You’re right, I can always go home, but preferably just for a visit. I am the one that wants the adventure of living and working in a culture very different from my own, and I can’t do that from the safety of my own country. If I want adventure, I’ll have to get out of my ‘box’ and get it! And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do!


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