My lifesaving mother

When I was writing my Master thesis in 2006, I occasionally had to go to my univeristy in Maastricht to meet up with my supervisor for some brainstorming. But after having moved away from the city (and country) in 2005, such a brainstorming session entailed quite some traveling. The problem was that I had a dangerous tendency to fall asleep while driving, which effectively made the 60-minute-drive to Maastricht a life-threatening challenge for me. Somehow during the course of my studies I’ve always felt exhausted and even my daily visits to the gym seemed unable to refill me with energy. My sweet mother really wanted me to survive my trips to Maastricht, and therefore used to serve as my personal driver and patiently waited for me in the coffeecorner in my university. Where she chatted with her fiance while I chatted with my thesis supervisor. The good news is that with her help I graduated very successfully and I no longer get tired while driving! Ever since I’ve been freed from the studies of Business, I have also been freed from the accompanying drain on my energy supplies!

2 thoughts on “My lifesaving mother

  1. Yes I know Lia is your lifesaving mother. Where she is in the picture, yellow and red color building, looks very Dutch or European to me. mwah


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