Clucking away the last day of Easter

On Easter Monday, Negin came to visit. After our (way-too-short) short attempt of catching up in The Hague, we planned a whole day to do some more extensive catching up with pictures, movies and the like. Well that is exactly what we did all day, but it still wasn’t enough time, not nearly enough! My stepfather called us a pair of clucking chickens :o :), because from the second we picked her up at the busstop until I dropped her off at the train station at night, we talked. We talked about anything and everything that we could think of, and sometimes my parents and brother joined. But by the time she left there were still too many things we did not get to talk about, so we may need to schedule another clucking session before I depart to Japan. But with only 44 days left in Europe and a thousand things left to do, time is starting to run out…

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