I’m very fit!

AEON advises their new teachers to get a full medical and dental check-up before they come to Japan. So today I went to the local hospital to get myself medically checked up. They took blood samples and did several tests, like an electrocardiogram and a lung function test. I learned that I have low blood pressure, which apparently is a good thing, that my heart works perfectly and that I am really very fit.
They measured my level of fitness with a bicycle/endurance test while monitoring my heart rate and more. When the fitness level of a regular woman is considered to be 100%, then a trained woman would score about 140% and a female professional athlete 200%. The fact that I am overweight decreases my level somewhat but even then I scored a whopping 166%! I was declared very fit! So I guess my daily visits to the gym are paying off and making me healthier! The doctor was very pleased with my results and my physical condition, and obviously so am I! The results of my blood tests will be mailed to me next week, but so far only great news!
Getting a medical check-up isn’t really a problem for me, the only thing that scared me today was the needle used to draw blood from me. Going to get a dental check-up is a different story… I am exceptionally terrified of all dentists and am afraid one of them will someday drill a hole in my tongue! My appointment is in two weeks, and as you can imagine I’m already nervous and contemplating to cancel the appointment!

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