Gmail Paper

This morning, I went to check my email and stumbled across a new service Gmail is providing its members: Gmail Paper. I was reading all about it on their sign-in page:

I found this new service a bit weird and impractical. Who would want to pay to get paper copies of emails by regular mail and why? A bit intrigued by Gmail Paper I clicked the link “Learn more about Gmail Paper” and ended up here:

Now the story even got better, weirder and more implausible. The Gmail Paper service is free of charge, you can ‘paper archive’ unlimited amounts of emails, they use organic soybean sputum paper which makes the environment healthier and they even serve as your personal photoprint service also free of charge! This couldn’t be right and the beta users who wrote the testimonials all seemed to be slightly retarded too, especially Mayumi the associate!

Then today’s date hit me: April 1, 2007! It’s April Fools’ Day and Google is having a go at fooling us Gmailers! Well, they had me going for a bit at their sign-in page… I wonder how many people really fell for it! Well done Google, very funny hoax!


One thought on “Gmail Paper

  1. I was about to check their website by myself. Before I found it out, I was imagining “Well, so maybe I should email Louana via Gmail so we can enjoy tracing our history in the future.” etc. It is very funny, glad you have found it. mwah


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