Dad’s Birthday Party at Kyoto – By Yasu

Miyako-Douri in Kyoto

22nd of March is my father’s birthday. Since 21st of March is a holiday because of Vernal Equinox Day. As the calendar says like that, it was much warmer on that day than before. I drove about one hour and a half to get to Kyoto. Then we found a reasonable parking and parked our awesome car, Estima. We walked to JR Kyoto Isetan which is connected to JR Kyoto station. They have many stores that were entertaining, we walked around to find a restaurant for lunch. What we liked the most is 10th floor, there are 4 or 5 Ramen stores from cities in Japan. All of those ramens looked and smelled delicious but we could not get in any of them because it was too crowded. We had to leave there at latest at 12:30 in order to see the play “Crazy For You” so we ended up getting a lunch boxes of Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. There is a square where you can enjoy those food, so we ate them there. After that, we went to see the play by Gekidan Shiki. The play was about 3 hours, we enjoyed it a lot though we liked “Mamma Mia” better.

Then we took a subway to get to where you can enjoy more traditional Japanese scenery. From the beginning of March to this day 21 of March, they held an event that you can enjoy the lightings , Maiko dance etc. We all really liked that. There are some photos from it.

Maiko Dance


Tanukis (racoon dogs) at a souvenir store

After walking around these places, we went to a Chinese restaurant and celebrated my father’s birthday. We gave him a CD of “Furinkazan” which is a history drama on NHK. He loves the show and its music.

Comment by Louana: Let’s you and me go to Kyoto together and both get dressed up as maikos, or you as the male version (if there is one). Seems like fun! xx

Reply by Yasu: Ok, maybe I should wear Yukata then. This sounds really fun, we should do that, Lounatic :)

Comment by Minke: Dear Yasu! I would like to read more posts on your blog;)! I hope you are well and happy! Bye, Minke

Reply by Yasu: Hey Minke, Thanks for your comment! Yeah you are right. I should write more… When we see each other next time, I will tell you what could be on “Oideyasu World” :)


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