Seminar Assistant in Nagoya – By Yasu

Last weekend (2 March – 5 March) I was in Nagoya to assist Mr Yamasaki’s NLP Practitioner seminar. The seminar is given for 10 days, 5 weekends (Sat + Sun) but I am one of the assistants there, called Resource Person so I had to go to the meeting a night before the seminar. At 15:30 I took an Express train at Namba station on Kintetsu line.

Kintetsu train (Outside)

I hardly take Kintetsu because that doesn’t run near my house. This time I took Kintetsu because it is cheaper than JR. It just costs 3,200 yen between Osaka (Namba) and Nagoya. It takes as twice long as JR does, but I was not busy on Friday. After more than 2 hours, I arrived at Nagoya station. The meeting was held a couple of stations away from there, I lost my way for a little, but managed to be there.

Kintetsu train (Inside)

After the meeting I again came to Nagoya station because a hotel I stayed was closed to that. I like the building of Nagoya station so I took a picture of it. Around that , there are several buildings that look nice, I hope Louana will like them.

Next day, the seminar got started. That was my new experience, anyway I had a great time.

After the seminar I went out dinner with another Resource Person who lives just 30-minute away from Nagoya station. We went to the 12nd floor but all restaurants were full because it was Saturday night. We found an Indian restaurant where we found an empty room. We had a big Indian meal, talking about how-you-got-to-know-NLP or NLP. He is a student in an acupuncture school, studying Eastern Medicine. I found some similarities between Eastern Medicine and NLP, so I enjoyed the talking.

Because we took long to find a restaurant that had a room, we walked a lot in the building. There are many stores and the looks are great, so I thought that should have been one of the places I would like to come with Louana.

I am going to come to Nagoya 4 more times, so I hope I will find more of nice places so I can come there with Louana.

Comment by Louana: Stores sound interesting to Louana! I think Louana will like them! xx

Reply by Yasu: Jippie!


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