No Rurikei this weekend – By Yasu

Sight from the balcony (cloudy,,,)

Well, this weekend I was supposed to go to Rurikei with my dad as usual but we did not. Because we needed to finish some project designs done. That took us about 3 hours to finish, and my dad got tired enough already then. After lunch, my parents and I sat in Kotatsu, watching a TV program about “Von Trapp Family” in “The Sound of Music”. I have seen that movie more than ten times to study English so that TV show caught my attention, and that of my parents’. The second girl , Maria was on the screen longest, talked about how their life then was. Now they run a big Lodge “The Trapp Family Lodge” in Vermont. It is a beautiful place, I would like to visit the Lodge. If lucky, I can see Maria, 92 year-old lady. The show ended at 3, when I found my parents were asleep. A couple of minutes later, they woke up, and my dad gave up going to Rurikei.

So we watched “Rush Hour 2”. That was funny , but not as good as the first one like many series-movies. I recently like to watch Jackie Chan’s movies. He is one of the most popular Asians in the world. With coke and popcorn, I enjoyed the movie. Next I watched “Nothing to Lose”. I found it first at Tsutaya, so had not known that before. I checked the package, then thought it would be fun, so borrowed it. But it was not as good as I thought. Not so funny, interesting nor touching. Then I just saw “Shanghai Noon”, Jackie Chan again. This is a relatively new one, so he is old in there. His action in that is a little slower than himself in Rush Hour. And the story is cheap, so I did not enjoy it much.

So today I saw three movies. Yeah it is a holiday, I have to get relaxed. But I don’t know, recently I enjoy my work a lot, so sit at the desk and reading or writing makes me feel good. But no pressure, it is a holiday. I have to tell myself that.

So here, I placed a picture of Rurikei that I took when I visited there last time. It was cloudy but better than nothing. From our balcony you can enjoy a panorama of mountain.

Comment by Louana: So what holiday was it? xx

Reply by Yasu: Sorry, I should have said “day off”. xx


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