“All You Need Is Love” DVD has come – By Yasu

I really did not have time to post things here. Finally now I do.

Now I write about “All You Need Is Love” DVD as you saw on the title. If I had to choose the best thing last year, surely this will be one of those few experiences. My intelligent girl, Louana was asked by her friend if she wanted to apply for being in one of the most popular TV shows in the Netherlands, “All You Need Is Love”. When she told me about that, I thought it was a great idea. I was positive, but did not expect much.

She submitted the application, her step-father Guido did too. I also was filling that in. At the end of November, I got a call from unknown number at Starbucks. I picked that up, heard a foreign language which was not English nor Chinese. Then that girl noticed I did not speak Dutch, she started talking in English. Well, who was she? Yeah, she is Heleen from Endemol TV station in the Netherlands. I was so surprised and shocked. My voice became louder and louder, people in the Starbucks begun to hear my conversation which I did not notice at all. Yes, this is how it all got started.

After that I submitted my application, applied for Russian visa because we were going to film in Saint Petersburg. On 8th December, I flew from Osaka to Amsterdam. Then a day after staying in Amsterdam, I came to Saint Petersburg. The city was so beautiful, totally overwhelmed me. Oh I wish I could have stayed there longer. Maybe we can go there with our future kids, won’t that be fun? I met people in the TV station, talked about our relationship and how the filming would go tomorrow. Well then, the next day 10th December, my girl came to the square by a white coach. I had not seen her more than a year. Finally, after long waiting in a cold square in Russia, I hugged and kissed her (then I even said a very complicated Dutch greeting to the camera).

This experience was broadcast on Christmas in the Netherlands last year. I saw the parts we are on the screen (Louana filmed those parts and put them online) but not the entire show. And now what? The DVD of the show is in my hand, thanks to Heleen and people in Endemol TV station (Dank u wel!). I have not seen it yet but I’ll certainly see it with my intelligent girl who is going to translate that into English for me then.

Comment by Louana: Your link to the movies I put online doesn’t link there, intead it links to the same how it all got started post. xx


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