It’s carnaval again. The time of year that us Dutchies get dressed up as crazy as we can and roam the streets drinking and singing for about 4 days. There is a religious origin to this annual feast, which has something to do with the beginning of the yearly fasting and the last opportunity to really eat and drink, a lot. But I am not religious at all, so to me it has always been about dressing up and partying.

Me celebrating Carnaval last year in Maastricht

I’m not really a party animal, so in recent years, I haven’t really been celebrating this 4-day party. But last year I decided to join in all the madness one last time, because I thought it might be the last time I would be in the Netherlands during Carnaval. As it turns out I am still here during this year’s Carnaval, but I didn’t join my family today when they headed out to Maastricht to party. I already said my goodbyes to the Carnaval tradition last year.

Guido, Lia and Chantal this morning before heading to Maastricht

What makes Carnaval in Maastricht special are the beautiful costumes. People in Maastricht really put a lot of work into their costumes and it is a lot of fun to see all their wonderful creations. In Eindhoven, where I’m from, people do get dressed up but they don’t put a lot of thought into it so there’s not much to look at. The main concern here is to drink as much as possible and score more often than your friends. Hence, I don’t really enjoy Carnaval here.

Lots of interesting folks lining up for the restroom in Maastricht

I had to work yesterday, so we had a number of interesting customers in the store: princesses, drug lords, butterflies, fairies, clowns and more. My coworker wanted to join in the Carnaval fun by getting dressed up a bit, but he didn’t want to be the only one. So I joined him and we got dressed up like devils with insect-eyes, and we even attached red devil tails to our pants. We looked pretty weird, but it was pretty normal behavior this time of year!

Me and my EXPO coworker Jesse a.k.a. Jamai


4 thoughts on “Carnaval

  1. If some foreigner goes to the NL in this season without knowing about the Carnaval, then sees those people on the street, s/he may think they dress up like that because of space cake or something. Well, I really enjoy seeing some pictures of you , mwah


  2. Good to know you’re still celebrating carnaval!! I quit doing that 8 years ago! But I couldn’t help painting my fingernails PINK! this year! Btw, I had to watch the All you need is love Christmas Special… You two look very sweet in St. Petersburg!!!


  3. Yeah, I also quit celebrating Carnaval many years ago, but when you are about to permanently leave the country, you become nostalgic about old traditions.So how are you doing these days Myrthe? I’m curious :)!


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