Best Weekend Guaranteed in Rurikei – By Yasu

Hina Ningyo

Well, just got home from Rurikei. My dad has built a cottage there so we often go there to get relaxed. Yes there are many things you can get relaxed from , such as beautiful nature, good food, nice spa, onsen, warmed water pool, rock sauna and other relaxation rooms.

Normally we have lunch on way there at a restaurant called “Gyu-Fuku (English translation would be “Lucky Beef” or something) where you can enjoy very fresh beef that is directly transported from their ranch, next door. They serve you as much rice and miso soup as you want as lunch service, so I usually have 2 cups of rice because their beef is awesome.

Right next to this restaurant, you can buy nice vegetables and rice. I used not to realize the taste of rice, but because of this store, I begun to realize it. Their rice is really good, I like it.

If you drive about 5 minutes to South from there, you can find a really nice fish store, they sell great quality of fish for unbelievably cheap. We enjoy shopping there a lot.

Anyway, after the fun shopping and eating, we enjoy movies at our cottage. This time we saw “Rush Hour”. It was funny, made me want to see other movies that starred in Jackie Chan. Luckily this week Tsutaya gives 50%off sales promotion again, so I’m going to go there and get some Jackie Chan.

Then we went to Spa and Rock Sauna. This is the best part. Including warmed water pool, we spent more than 3 hours there. In the building where Rock Sauna is you also can enjoy WOWOW which is one of TV stations mostly you can enjoy movies. We sat in that room and watched a small show then enjoyed Rock Sauna. The workers there forgot somehow to time, we enjoyed it longer than we were supposed to. I was so relaxed.

After that, left the spa house. But I found a very Japanese store, so I took a picture of it. This is called “Hina Ningyo” , we decorate them to celebrate Girl’s Day, May 3rd.

Comment by Louana: If Tsutaya is having a 50% off sales promotion this week you should also get ‘Click’ with Adam Sandler. I want to watch that with you, maybe more than once. So you watch movies while enjoying the rock sauna, or before or after it? So what is Girl’s Day about? Do we get any kind of special treatment that day? If so, too bad I’ll be arriving in Japan after that day! xx

Reply by Yasu: Sure, I’ll check movies that starred in Adam Sandler next time. Another thing we will do together :) “maybe more than once”? It means “certainly more than once”, right? We watched WOWOW before the rock sauna. It was not a movie, was a ranking of latest movies. Though you can watch it after the sauna too. Which do you prefer my love? On Girl’s Day, we set up those dolls for girls (like Boy’s Day we set up carp-shaped streamer). It is called Hina Matsuri, you can see the details here.


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