Valentine’s Day – By Yasu

Yes, as you might have seen it as titles many times today, I also put that on my title. Valentine’s Day. Because of lots of things going on, I have not been able to post my blog but today I decided to post something.

Here I show you what I have received from my girlfriend Louana;

Valentine Present from Louana

You see a pink bag. That is a decoration for bath according to her message. So when she is in Japan, we both can enjoy it together. I wonder how it is going to be, just fun to imagine.

The message she wrote to me was so touching, almost made me cry. I can’t imagine how deep she went to inside her mind to message those words to me. Now I feel more loved by her and important to her, thanks to the card. I am even more motivated to give her all love that I possess.

Valentine’s Day, such a great day I think.

Comment by Louana: Well, it’s not bath decoration but it’s confetti that you put into the bathwater instead of soap. I know that in Japan people don’t add anything to the bathwater, but here we put bath soap or bath oil into the bathwater to create cleansing bubbles and/or a nice scent. This bath confetti will disolve in the water to create a peachy scent, but I don’t think it will have a cleansing effect though. xx

Reply by Yasu: Sure, Confetti. We do add powder into the bath water so that the bath water turns to be kind of Onsen water. I will show that to you when you are here. Another thing we will do :) mwah


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