Big Sushi for Setsubun – By Yasu

After getting my new pc , I was hustling for data transferring and such, now I finally can post on my blog with my new pc. This pc is from Panasonic, called Let’s Note W5, very light, very strong and has an enormous stamina. This can work for about 8 hours or something without plugging. Anyway then what I am writing here. As you saw the title, I will attach a picture of big sushi here. Because 3rd of February is a day called Setsubun in Japan.

On this day, people throw beans at demons (“Oni” in Japanese) to get them away. I looked it up about Setsubun in Wikipedia, they say Setsubun originally was a day which separates seasons. So I guess there used to be 4 days but now it is only one. They say 3rd Feb is between winter and spring in the ancient calendar so my guess is Japanese like that day the most of the four.

I didn’t throw beans but I had sushi today. You are supposed to look at the lucky direction that is changed every year and supposed not to say a word till you finish it. I didn’t follow those rules, but sushi was great and big. So my dinner this day is just those sushi plus soup. Very easy but I enjoyed it a lot.

Comment by Louana: A new pc, no throwing of beans and eating a whole lot of sushi! Sounds like a good day! xx


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