I booked my flight to Japan!

That’s right, I booked my flight to Japan today :):):)!!! Yup, my moving to Japan is getting very real right now! I am flying with Emirates Airlines, it’s an airline that is constantly in the top 5 of airlines (lucky me!), and it offered the most convenient and cheapest connection. I am departing from Dusseldorf Airport in Germany, which is even closer than Amsterdam Airport, and there is a stopover in Dubai before I fly to Nagoya in Japan.

I will depart at 15:15 on May 25th, and arrive on the 26th at 17:25 (Japanese time) in Nagoya , so my trip will last more than 34 hours! As far as I know now, I will have Sunday to get rid of my jetlag and on Monday AEON’s intensive training will begin :o! When I went to Japan in 2004, it took me several days to get rid of my jetlag… So the schedule kind of worries me, but I won’t be the only one with this predicament, all my fellow trainees will also arrive seriously jetlagged on the 26th. I think that will be a nice day for me to start drinking coffee again :)!

6 thoughts on “I booked my flight to Japan!

  1. Spannend!!!! Ghe ghe, ik doe het gewoon in ouderwets nederlands commenteren…
    Koel… euh… cool dus!
    Had je niet meer verwacht heej, comments van je moem ;-).
    Ik ga er weer van tussen poepie, en ik wacht met geduld op de volgende blog… dikke kus!!!


  2. Koel!!! euh… cool… tssss, ennuh very spannend!
    Ik leef helemaal met je mee! Maar dat weet je al… niets nieuws voor jou.
    Het begint al op te schieten heej, tis al februari en die duurt maar 28 dagen…
    Maar nu ben je er nog ffkes… kunnen we nog veel van elkaar genieten!
    Dikke Kus! Moem.


  3. Nah… nu probeer ik alweer voor de derde keer om te commenten maar het wil niet lukken!
    Wil dus zeggen… KOEL!!! euh, cool dus dat je je ticket hebt geboekt.
    Ik leef helemaal met je mee.
    (Ik doe het dus echt in onvervalst nederlands heej!!)
    Dikke kus! Moem.


  4. Spannend!! I am so happy that now you have a booked flight. Now my brain is full of ideas about what to do here with you. Karaoke first, maybe ? mwah


  5. Louana, it’s really you! AND I see I’m officially a witness of you preparing going to Japan! How’s your life?!!! Seems pretty good! I still remember everything, visiting Brussels, going to Bon Jovi…..


  6. Myrthe!!! Wow! I can’t believe you found me! How are you doing these days? I’m so curious! Why don’t you put your email address in a comment (I’ll make sure your email address is not shown online though) so I can contact you!


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