Yakiniku at One Kalbi – By Yasu

You put those raw beefs and vegetables on a hot plate.

Because they are having a sale of some kinds of beefs, my sister, my brother and I went to Yakiniku restaurant called “One Kalbi” last night. This is my second time to have Yakiniku in this week.

I have been to One Kalbi twice before with Mayumi and Minoru. Both of the times, I enjoyed it a lot.

Even though I am not a big-eater, there are several foods that I sometimes have difficulty with containing my appetite such as Ramen, Curryrice and Yakiniku. Now this is Yakiniku time for my sister, my brother and me simultaneously.

So I was representing to myself how great the taste is of Yakiniku with rice , especially Kalbi with rice after lunch yesterday. My brain was singing “Kalbi and rice, Kalbi and rice…”

At the table, we ordered many things. We found out that Hiro, youngest, knows the most of the three about Yakiniku. Because he is a big-money-spender and loves to go have Yakiniku. Every time my mother tells him she will be busy on some day, he says “Sure, so I’ll have dinner out”. He can receive money for dinner from her then. The privilege of being a student and being the youngest kid in a family.

We all enjoyed dinner so much.

Where One Kalbi is located is kind of plaza where has a big parking space, other restaurants and shops. There are sushi restaurant, okonomiyaki restaurant, onsen, convenience store etc.

This place used to be a baseball ground. When I was an elementary school kid, I often played there. After the big earthquake, there built temporary houses for those of who lost theirs. And recently this new buildings were built. It is very convenient and I am so happy that we have those varieties of stores near my house.

Comment by Louana: The bbq is a hole in the table, looks nice, but very different from the Korean bbq restaurants in the States. Haha, I disagree when you say you are not a big-eater :). You are certainly not a ‘small’-eater either! Let’s say you have a healthy masculine appetite! I am a bit confused about what you are writing, but did you really also eat ramen and curryrice at the yakiniku place? Hope your stomach is fine! xx

Reply by Yasu: Yeah this kind of table is very fun, you can cook by yourself. Yes I was VERY TIRED when I wrote it. And I still am,,, should sleep long. mwah


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