Hiro’s Birthday Party at Kurayoshi – By Yasu

Two days ago, 21st Jan, we had dinner at an awesome steak restaurant called Kurayoshi. Why we did that is to celebrate Hiro and my birthday and my sister Yuka’s coming home. But mainly it was for Hiro since his birthday was really close, 16th Jan. Now he is 19 year-old.

This time, we went to Kurayoshi because this is where my mother really likes. This was her third time. I still remember when she first had dinner there. After coming home, she was talking about how great it was to everybody. So I was really looking forward to having dinner that night.

From my house, it was about 15-minute-drive. Very close to LaLaPort Koshien.

We were a group of 7 people, 5 from my family, Aunt Akiko and Grandma Kiyoko.

There were 3 boys in our group but we all had “Lady’s Set”. This is their recommends so we took it.

First in Lady’s Set you have a raw beef and some mushroom food as an appetizer. At this time, I already liked the restaurant. You have to taste this raw beef dish.

Next, you have Shrimp, mushroom and some vegetables in hot tinfoil. I enjoyed tough flesh of shrimp. Be careful the tinfoil is really hot. And when you open it, hot vapor inside bites your fingers. I got bit and screamed “Attsu! (‘Hot’ in Japanese)”.

Thirdly, you have mushroom, string bean (maybe?), tofu, scallop and pumpkin all baked. With them, they give you 3 kinds of sauces (Soy sauce with mustard, Citrus sauce, Sesame sauce). I liked Sesame the best.

The list still goes on.

Next you have these. Do you know what they are?

They are sliced garlic. They are baked with butter. Almost look like Potato Chips. And it comes with diced beef, bean sprout, spinach and bread. Why bread? Because you eat the last dice of beef with it. It is like a sandwich. Hiro really liked it.


You go to another room to enjoy the last dishes.

There is a room next door. Inside is Karaoke machine but we did not sing because we wanted to enjoy conversation. In there, you have Ochazuke, seasoned rice and pickles. Ochazuke is one of the most popular Japanese foods. Every one of us liked it.

After Ochazuke, you have fruits and coffee.

That is all we had that night. We were all happy. Since she really recommends us have dinner there, my mother paid for everything. Yeah we all liked that restaurant. It has been just for 2 days since then but I already want to go there again. Louana surely can go there with me.

Comment by Louana: Wow the pictures look really good and I also showed them to Lia who became hungry immediately! What is row beef? Is it from a special kind of animal or some special cut? The garlic looks good!
Ow and what is ochazuke? Is it made of rice? Yes, let’s go there together soon! xx

Reply by Yasu: Nice, yeah these pics made me hungry too. I meant “raw” beef, sorry typoed. “Ochazuke” literally describes “Steeped in Green tea”. So you put seasoning on rice and pour hot green tea. This tastes really good.
Sure, we will go to this place :). mwah


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